Untapped potential

Tom Simpson
February 19, 2024
1 min read
1 min read

Stay in the tension

I am constantly reminded that business is a creative endeavour.

It’s creative because we take what is unseen—dreams and convictions, ambitions, ideas, values and skills—and bring them into reality by applying creativity.

It’s a process that reveals the untapped potential of the world.

However, with creative process comes uncertainty. Uncertainty about what it will look like, if it will work, if people will like it. This is something we can’t change, but as a business owners our role is to work with the uncertainty. To confront the challenge and create something that we feel needs to exist.

There’s an element of letting go of absolute control but also taking hold of our responsibility to carry a vision with a plan. On the one hand knowing what you are building towards and why it matters, and on the other hand knowing it will turn out different than expected.

This is the balance of being a business owner, a leader, and a creative—working in the middle, in between uncertain possibility and clear vision. Holding the tension and using it to push forwards.

Taking what is unseen and bringing it into reality for the benefit of others.

We need your process. No one else is positioned with your particular vision, capacity and situation and as such, won’t be able to bring to life the vision that you can see.

Stay in the tension.

Remain focused on your vision

and not anyone else’s.

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