Moving forwards

Tom Simpson
February 19, 2024
1 min read
1 min read

Finding clarity, taking a step

Life can throw some difficult scenarios.

There’s two ways of engaging in difficulty.

To stay in the dark, to avoid the details, and not make a move.

Or, to confront the facts, to seek out the truth, and choose a path forwards.

Lack of clarity can come with a greater sense of apprehension. This confusion leads to fear, and with it a paralysis.

Alternatively, facing up to the difficulty and choosing to do what we can, enables us to move forwards.

To sharpen the focus on the lens and narrow down on what's within our control.

What we choose to do might not work.

But that's the tension of progress—taking a leap and trying something.

And those that learn to take a step in light of uncertainty but in-spite of fear, are the ones that move forward.

This kind of tension makes us better.

Maybe not in the way we thought it would.

Possibly in a very different way.

But better, nonetheless.

All good stories have tension.

In the face of all odds, the protagonist is faced with a challenge.

They have a choice, between losing hope, succumbing to fear, and being overwhelmed into paralysis.

Or, choosing to use what’s in their hands to try something that might not work.

It often leads to an unexpected outcome.

Sometimes the transformation is more about the character they become than the tangible success they achieve.

Sometimes it's both.

But it’s their choice to try something that moves the story along.

You have a story.

I’m sure there’s a tension.

What step can you take?

That’s our responsibility.

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