Nash Lane's Rebrand

Tom Simpson
July 5, 2024
3 min
3 min

How a local Mildura cafe became a high-end brand


At the end of 2023 we rebranded Nash Lane cafe. It was a full transformation from the inside out.

Nash Lane had an exceptionally strong presence in Mildura with a bustling community feel that oozed charm and hospitality. But aside from their illustrative but admittedly reserved logo, their brand was largely inherited from their coffee supplier at the time. Whilst it worked for the local town, it wasn’t something Nash Lane could use to grow into all that they had vision for.

They needed their own presence and story, an identity that was uniquely their own.

The owners wanted to build something bigger than a local cafe, breaking into new categories of fashion, products and more.

They needed a brand to pull all of their ideas together. Not just a visual identity but a concept that could underpin the various expressions of the brand and new categories they were about to break into.

The concept

At this point we dived into conversation with the owners about their business, what they were building, what people already love about Nash Lane, and what makes their business unique.

In our brand strategy process, we undertake a significant amount of research into customers, the market, and competitors, but ultimately the core brand needs to tie back to the culture and qualities of the business.

What we noticed early on with Nash Lane, is that they’re not your standard coffee shop. They have a tenacity and drive that is extremely compelling.

The idea emerged to take their attitude and approach to life and business, something already embedded in the culture of Nash Lane, and expand on it for the brand.

What we developed, was a brand built on the concept of progress, energy and forward motion.

“The relentless force of change, perpetual forward motion, a creative bent, the future, never static, life in the Nash Lane.”

This concept unlocked territory for the Nash Lane brand to build on.

It influenced everything from the focus and tone of core messaging through to visual aspects like their motion blurred brand imagery.


One of the statements that acts as a reference for the brand’s personality, tone of voice and culture is the brand manifesto. It’s a collection of ideas and preferences, attitudes and beliefs that holds true for who the company is.

Here’s what we came up with for Nash Lane:

We believe in bringing people together. We’re on the leading edge of culture. We make memorable experiences. We’re energetic. We think limits are to be broken. We actively seek new ideas. We think on our feet. We take risks. We believe if you’re not moving forwards, you’re going backwards. We make time and space for everyone. We challenge everyone too. We believe if you’re frustrated, you’re probably on the edge of learning something new. We’re obsessive about the things we love… and we really love good coffee.

Where to now

What’s most important about a brand, is not what they say but what they do. As Nash Lane positions themselves as a culture-setter, always in progress and constantly pressing ahead, they make a promise to their customers to fulfil that way of life. What will make them great, is not their ideas but their ability to manifest the ideas. This is how brands are built - promises fulfilled.

For Nash Lane, this shouldn’t be a problem.

In true fashion, within a short time after their rebrand launch and core coffee range debut, they have released a clothing line and Nash Lane Studios to showcase the collections. New categories are already underway and they continue to harness their creative energy for the future.

The rebrand is just the beginning for Nash Lane's next chapter. And that's the way it should be, setting their business up for purposeful growth for the years to come.

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