Why we changed our name to 'Known By'

After almost four years of helping our clients build brands of enduring purpose and creativity, we’re realigning our own identity to reflect our story. We’ve realised a few things about ourselves and the people we work with, but one thing in particular has captured our attention.

There’s a need in our culture, and it runs deep in businesses, industries and people. Before we define the need, here's some context.

Our limitations

As humans, each of us has our own limitations. These limitations take shape in many ways - through external pressures, and internal wrestles.

These limitations are our ceilings, and they stop us from freely living life as an expression of who we are, and as a contribution to the people around us.

That’s an issue.


Because our culture has a need, and it's this:

Genuine people living out their purpose through unique expressions of business and creative endeavours, so that together we can create a diverse and beautiful culture to the benefit of all.

Let's break it down

Genuine people

Genuine people are people like you and me, who to the best of our ability are working to build something for good, and something that’s genuinely important to us.

Living out their purpose through unique expressions of business and creative endeavours

That something is your business, creative endeavour, or profession of choice. And it also happens to be your expression - it’s what you do. It’s a unique expression because you are inherently unique and have your own underlying purpose, motivations, personality, and way of going about business. It’s creative because having the choice to do it your way, is your creativity.

A diverse and beautiful culture

As we all come together, we establish a culture. And as each of us genuinely pursues our own unique purpose and expression, we establish a culture that values diversity of expression. This diversity is a beautiful collective expression of humanity.

To the benefit of all

Here’s the twist. In a commercial and self-focused world of individuals, it pays to live outwardly.

Your business is at its best when it’s focused on the contribution it’s making.


Because people are drawn not just to beauty and creativity, but to businesses that are geared towards contribution. They’re for-purpose, both in the immediate nature of their products, services and way of going about the day-to-day, but also in the long term.

Leaders worth following have both; products, services, and a way of going about business to the benefit of their customers and community each day. And, the ability to work towards a long term vision that people can join in on.

How it's done

Our role as a branding studio is to work with people in business to develop brands that are known by their unique story.

You’ve got a story to share, and if you need help bringing it to the world with clarity and creativity in a way that connects and gathers people around you, then we're here for you.

Check out our services to know more about what we do.

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